1. Installing ProbLog

1.1. Prerequisites

ProbLog is built on Python. ProbLog is compatible with Python 3.

Python is included in most installations of Linux and Mac OSX. Windows users can find instructions on how to install it in the Python documentation.

1.2. Installing Python

ProbLog is available in the Python Package Index (PyPi) and it can be installed with

pip install problog

To install as user without root permissions.

pip install problog --user

After installation as user you may need to add the location of the problog script to your PATH. Common location for this script are ~/.local/bin or ~/Library/Python/2.7/bin/.

To update ProbLog to the latest version.

pip install problog --upgrade

To install the latest ProbLog development version.

pip install problog --pre --upgrade

To install ProbLog with support for Sentential Decision Diagrams (currently not supported on Windows).

pip install problog[sdd]